Inspiration of this week

Estoy un poco acomplejada, por que andar en bicicleta se olvida, y yo lo he hecho. Cuando veo a chicas guapas y estilosas como ella subidas en sus bicicletas no puedo dejar de sentirme celosa, pero también encantada!. Es verdad eso de que el nuevo complemento perfecto es este vehiculo de dos ruedas.
Y yo Siento que necesito practicar AHORA!

I'm a little complex, I seem to have forgotten how to ride a bike. When I  see pretty stylish girls like her with their bikes I can't be more jealous, and also more in love!. It's true what people say about this two wheels vehicle, It is the new perfect complement
And I feel I need to practice NOW!

8 comentarios:

  1. never too late to learn babe :) x

  2. If only bike riding while being fashionable was accepted where I live ;(

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  3. I love this girl's style!

  4. oh god i wish i was good on a bike cause i agree these girls make me jealous!

  5. amazing inspiration she looks really cool xo
    would you like to follow each other?